Learning About Food Suppliers

Learning About Food Suppliers

Three Things You Can Do With Corn Meal That May Surprise You

by Gavin Daniels

Corn meal was a product made by the Native Canadians and Native Americans centuries before settlers arrived from Europe. It served to feed both domesticated animals and people. Before it became a staple and a substitute for flour in bread, corn meal was often cooked into a mash or porridge-type of food. Now corn meal can be used in several different ways. Some of those ways may even surprise you, as the following examples will show.

Corn Meal as an Exfoliant

Raw corn meal is often gritty in texture. For this reason, it can be used in beauty treatments to exfoliate the skin, barring any allergies to corn the recipient of the treatment has. If you would like to try it yourself, you could blend a small amount of corn meal into a lotion or shaving gel and then rub it around on your skin before rinsing it off or wiping it off.

Corn Meal as a Replacement for Bread Crumbs in Meatloaf

If you cannot get your children to eat their vegetables, or you just want to add a little extra fibrous material to their diets, you can substitute corn meal for bread crumbs in meatloaf. This works in both turkey and beef meatloaf recipes, so if you are trying to avoid red meat, you can try the corn meal in ground turkey instead. Additionally, the corn meal provides more readily soluble material in your meatloaf, which makes it more dense, filling and better for your digestive health than traditional bread crumbs. Use a little extra seasoning and you may not even notice a slight difference in taste.

Corn Meal as "Edible Sand" for Children

Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to explore different tactile sensations. However, children at this age also love to put everything in their mouths. As much as you may want to encourage sand box play with sand, it may not be the best option for these little ones until they stop putting things in their mouths. Instead, fill a water/sand table or exploration table with corn meal, which has a similar texture to sand, and let the kids play with it. Because it is a completely safe and edible material, it is perfectly okay for the kids to put some in their mouths. They might even decide that they love the taste, in which case using corn meal in recipes would not become a major ordeal at the dinner table. Contact a company like Dover Corn Products LTD for more information.  


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Learning About Food Suppliers

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